Going to Google – The Glass Introduction Experience

I had the pleasure and thrill of accompanying Basil Puglisi, social and digital media leader, to his special appointment at Google for a fitting for Google Glass.  Although we were not able to record video inside, I was able to document the experience.  It was quite remarkable.

Google’s Glass training and introductory area is located just above Chelsea Market, a trendy and popular setting in New York City.

After we entered a café-like setting, we were met by our Google training rep, Duyin Ha. She was fantastic and it was clear she had extensive training and knowledge of this amazing new device.

So what is Google Glass?  It’s a device worn like glasses; however, it possesses cutting edge technology which integrates an array of mobile applications and digital technology. If you have not read or heard about Google Glass you are behind the tech curve.  This incredible device takes video, connects with your online “life” and much more.  In the short training, Duyin explained features and walked Basil, a very tech, Google app and Android savvy individual, through the many functions, features and the set up for Glass.

From a marketing and social media perspective, Google Glass has tremendous potential.  The ability to quickly take, upload and share video content and images will make G+ an even more desirable and friendly social media platform than it already is.  Recent reports indicate that G+ has close to 350 million accounts and growing.  Glass interacts seamlessly with Google Chrome and other specific apps created for it.  Here is a prediction – with Google Glass, enhanced apps, services and integration, Google social media use will explode.  Watch out Facebook—with devices, apps and ease of use combined with search, it will be a challenge to keep up.

From the brief time I was involved with the demo and Basil’s first hours with Google Glass I was impressed and certainly liked what I’d seen.

From my public relations and marketing perspective, Google Glass will provide individuals and businesses with the ability to demonstrate, explore, educate and market products and people like never before.  Story telling from the first person perspective will be unmatched.

Glass is new and it was amazing to see how Basil became an instant “celebrity.”  After our session and following just seconds on the street in Manhattan, people were pointing, taking photos and asking questions.

People from all walks of life and ages wanted to know more about Glass.  Glass is a powerful personal branding tool which allows users to broadcast their experiences, demonstrate skills and expertise and show people a glimpse of their personal lives.

Information comes from the first person perspective and this allows users to share in a uniquely personal way.  We will be able to get to know people better and build relationships.  In terms of business, getting to know those that you work with or may work with will open up new opportunities as well as create new questions.

I can’t wait to get my Google Glass.  If you’re listening Google, I am a fan.  Can I get one?

More to come on this great device and technology.  We have not even scratched the surface of what Glass can do for business, brands, and to make life a little easier and more interesting. Here’s one final point. Google Glass enables its users to utilize Google maps. You can enter an address and the map and directions pop right up on the screen.  This technology is ideal for individuals walking in an urban-type setting but is not appropriate to use when driving.

If you have questions about Google Glass ask Basil Puglisi on twitter @basilpuglisi

To read about the story in Newsday please visit http://www.newsday.com/business/lier-test-drives-google-glass-1.5648381#disqus_thread 

For more images from the Google Glass experience please visit http://flic.kr/s/aHsjGrZ67V.

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