Is it Time for a Business or Personal Branding Makeover or Update?



Technology and social media are rapidly changing. Strategies for networking and personal marketing have also changed. Small business owners, networkers and those in sales roles need to adapt and update their approaches. I continue to urge people to create a personal marketing plan and implement it. Simply doing this creates systems and strategies that will make marketing efforts more efficient and more importantly, more effective.

With the changes taking place in technology, especially in video and mobile, personal marketers need to evaluate their brands regularly. I was recently looking back at some of my Facebook posts from six years ago. It is amazing how much has changed. I also took a few minutes to examine my social media sites. This is a process that you should do yourself periodically.

What should you look at?

Are you leveraging the power of video?

If you are not using video on your social media platforms and your website you are three years behind your competitors. According to YouTube – “Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views.”

In our mobile society it is clear that people want to watch videos on their devices.

According to this article from eMarketer, “Adults in the US will spend an average of 5 hours, 31 minutes watching video each day this year.” Digital devices are fueling growth.

Here is the full article with other interesting statistics:

People want to watch video and if you don’t have video on your website and don’t use video regularly on your social media channels you are three years behind your savvy competitors. If you have videos that you did three or more years ago, don’t delete them, but look to update them. Spend the time and make the investment today to create quality videos. There are many easy to use tools, apps, devices and cameras that can be used today. You can do it yourself but consider the quality of videos and how they will be used. Create a plan and a strategy for creating new video content at least every quarter.

In terms of a makeover, if you look a lot different in person today than you looked three or four years ago in a video, then it’s time for a makeover.

Is your image up to date?

Similar to video, if your image has changed you need to update your profile photos. I have covered this topic many times in blogs. Your real world image should match your online image. Every two or three years get a new head shot. For some people you may also want to get more “glamor” or stylistic images done. This all depends on your business and your personal brand. If you are a professional speaker, in the entertainment business, marketing, sales or other creative industries, images that reflect your personality, sense of humor or style might be more appropriate for use (not for your LinkedIn profile). Check out this article from The New York Times: “When Selfies Won’t Do – Glamor Photos Replace Selfies for Personal Branding.” When you are looking to present your brand and have social media and websites where you can do this, look to be more creative. For a brand makeover or update, a glamor shot or two could be the right approach. Remember use a professional photographer. Don’t risk taking photos yourself.

Review your profiles

Over the course of time everyone’s approaches, strategies and areas of expertise change and evolve. When was the last time you updated or made changes to your LinkedIn profile, your Twitter profile, your Facebook profile, your YouTube channel description or your bio on your website? Take a look at them and compare them to what you are doing now. Are they accurate? Even if they are, it might be time to re-draft them, keeping in mind how you and social media has changed. Make sure to use important keywords that describe why you do what you do, what value you offer and why you are different and better than your competition.

Review your brand and brand message

Take a look at your personal mission statement and vision. Has it changed or have you gone off-message? Examine your blog and social media posts to see if they are still consistent with your message and your personal marketing plan. It is easy to lose focus when we are bombarded with so many messages every day. Changing and pivoting to adapt and take advantage of opportunities is fine, but review your core mission and values. You may have to get back on course or create a plan to chart a new direction.


A restaurant website before and after a redesign.

A restaurant website before and after a redesign.

Websites are a central focus for most businesses. Take the time to look at your website and address the content updates, image updates and video updates. Today websites need to convey a quick message and tell a story. Does your site accurately tell your story? Does it look up to date? I am in the process of updating the look and format of my own website and blog. Examine your site but also look at competitors and others you respect. If it is time for a change, start the process. A new website or a website conversion takes time and a budget. An old and out of date website presents the wrong image and this must be addressed.

Marketing and branding takes time and effort. It certainly takes a budget and planning as well. Reviewing your brand regularly is important. You must keep up with technology and leverage what it has to offer to keep your image fresh and on track.

By Bill Corbett

Corbett Public Relations Long Island and the World 



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