Important Feature Removed from LinkedIn? Or Not?

We Almost Lost the Ability to Easily Download Contacts from LinkedIn

Ironically, after recently posting two blogs related to LinkedIn, I learned some challenging news. On July 23, 2015, LinkedIn removed one of its best features for members – the ability to easily download LinkedIn contacts. However, LinkedIn apparently quickly reversed this decision. This change and reversal points out several important concerns about being involved in social media and social media marketing.

The most important point is that as a personal marketer your database is a valuable asset. Keep a separate database of your own and be sure to update it regularly. Download your LinkedIn database today and do this every few months as you add contacts.

Click here for a how-to guide to download your LinkedIn contacts.

Click here for a how-to guide to download your LinkedIn contacts.

Check out this video I will show you how to do it.

In terms of social media sites, remember that your profile or page resides on a platform that is not yours. You have no control when format or features changes are made. Therefore, it is wise to have your own website and your own blog. You have control and always will have control over the look, feel and content of your own online properties.

In the past, changes to Facebook, Twitter and other sites have caused complaints from many users. However, this is the price we pay to have our content on popular social media sites.

As a personal branding, PR and marketing consultant, I recommend a number of ways for people to leverage the power of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the most valuable ways to build connections and relationships with others.

Communicating regularly and using different channels of communication with others is essential. It is how we stay top of mind. Email is another important communication tool. Many people use services such as Mail Chimp and Constant Contact, companies that offer good features and help users to reduce spam and unwanted emails. Blast emails have proven to be effective in marketing and continue to be used by many as a strategy. However, just because you have a large downloaded list of email addresses of your LinkedIn contacts, it does not mean that you can or should just start sending out eblasts. Make sure to get the permission of people before you start sending newsletters or other communications. Failing to do so could get your accounts suspended or cause other headaches.

This is the link to LinkedIn’s blog about why they reversed the change:

Business Insider – LinkedIn Restores Ability to Download Contacts

I have written frequently about the importance of your database for growing your personal brand and business.

I am still curious as to why LinkedIn made this change and then reversed it. Perhaps, as it appears, there are too many people with fake LinkedIn accounts; accounts created to capture contacts just to get email addresses to be used for spamming purposes. I would not be surprised if this was also an attempt to help protect member data. I will keep you updated as we learn more.

By Bill Corbett

Corbett Public Relations Long Island and the World 




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