Lazy days of Summer (Not for me!) – My 31-day Blog-a-thon

vacation-from-work[1]With summer here, we always hear about the lazy days of summer. Long weekends, days off, vacation and more daylight with which to have fun. All true, but summer is not a time to be lazy if you are seeking to grow your business.

Click Hwrhu-HRAA-logoere to listen to me on Tim Healy’s Profit Express Radio Show talking about not being lazy this summer and blogging. 

Over the past several years, having done dozens of speaking engagements and marketing training programs, business people need to keep their marketing efforts going all year round. If you don’t, your competition will take advantage of the opportunity and pounce.

Over the next 31 days, my goal is to blog daily, be more active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. I will also be doing YouTube videos focusing on topics that I have been interviewed about by the media and have presented on at seminars over the past year.working hammock

My mission is to provide valuable, interesting and fun content that will give readers ideas and strategies for growing their business. I am committed to making those who are part of my community more effective marketers, personal branders and relationship builders in the real world and online.

So where do we start? Tomorrow’s blog with be one that I have not published on this site. It discusses the importance of having a plan for your personal brand.  If you don’t have a personal marketing plan you will struggle to achieve success .   Can you five percent, 10 percent, 20 percent, 50 percent or even more successful?  Read tomorrow’s blog – “It’s Time for your Personal Marketing Plan.”

Ok 30 days to go.  Please comment, follow and share.


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