Leverage the Super Bowl For Your Business

Featured imageThe Super Bowl marks the end of the NFL season. The winning team will walk away from the game with the Vince Lombardi Trophy and bragging rights for the next year. However, there will be more than one winner on this day and you can be one of them. From the host city and large corporations with their Super Bowl ads to the sports bars and other venues hosting game day parties, this annual event and this day generates hundreds of millions of dollars if not a billion dollars in economic activity worldwide.

How can you capitalize? Here are a few strategies:

1) Super Bowl parties. Whether you host your own party or go to one, put your game face on and look for opportunities to make connections. Connections made at social gatherings can impact your business. Start conversations with new people at parties and see if they can be brought into your network. Always look for new people who offer new or different services that you can recommend to others or simply have as a resource. Some of the best business connections I have made have been at non-business events. As for your game face, you should look for opportunities but not be out to hard sell. A win for you is meeting two or more people that can have an impact in the year to come.

2) Stand out at the party. Nothing is better than getting attention at a party. How can you do this? If you’re a super fan then dress the part. Not a face painter? Then why not bring a winning dish, create a specialty drink for the party or bring a door prize. A little extra effort and a small investment can create a memorable impression. Offer to share the drink or food recipes to those who ask; it’s another way to make a connection one-to-one or on social media.

3) Be “super social.” Use the Super Bowl hype and interest to engage with followers and fans on social media. “Deflategate” (the controversy around the deflated footballs the Patriots played with in the AFC Championship game against the Colts) or the amazing come-from-behind-victory the Seahawks achieved are both topics that you can use to ask questions or comment upon. Use stories about the Super Bowl to engage with fans and start conversations with people that you may not have seen for a while. When possible, tie the conversation back to your brand message. If you are in marketing or sales, the commercials during the Super Bowl offer great opportunities to comment before, during and after the game. If you can express yourself in a witty way, your posts could go viral. However, anyone can comment on the game, the commercials, players and plays. Your followers and fans will see you, helping you to stay top of mind. Use questions to drive conversations and tweet at people you know or celebrities who are commenting as well. More views mean more opportunities to grow your followers and your brand.

4) Pre-game and Post-game. Pre-game – by following the hype and media, you have the ability to talk about the game with colleagues and contacts. Use this to start conversations at meetings or networking events. Put your spin on what’s happening and get other opinions. Post-game – have your facts and info about the game ready for discussions at the office with clients and contacts and online for the days following the game.

5) The commercials. I like to read about the hype surrounding the commercials that air during the game. Share your thoughts, criticisms or praises. If you can, share links with others so they can watch the commercials. Some people have even used the commercials as opportunities to create contests or surveys.

Anyone and everyone can capitalize off the hype and attention that the Super Bowl receives. If you’re a fan of one of the teams, the sport, the commercials, the half-time show (Kate Perry) or just the event itself there is plenty to comment on, share and discuss. Conversations lead to relationships and relationships lead to business. The Super Bowl is big business; why not get a piece of the action?

What do you think?  Will you try some of these?  Let me know wjcorbett@corbettpr.com

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