Your Most Valuable Asset – Your Personal Database

In today’s market many business owners and individuals in sales are struggling.  For many the numbers are down and they place all the blame on the economy and changing markets.   While this is true for some, we all have to face reality and make the most out of what we have been given.  No matter what industry you are in today, there are companies that are doing better than others.   Why are some succeeding and others falling short?  There are also many individuals in sales and business development who are doing better than others. 

Why are some succeeding when others are failing?   Part of the answer is relationships and trust; people who build strong relationships will be able to rely on these relationships in good times but more importantly during slow times.    The other part of the answer is data.   When I speak of data I am referring to an individual’s personal database of contacts.  Individuals who create and maintain these databases and use them to market not only the products and services they sell but to brand themselves are doing it right.  These people are marketing smart and building their own personal brands.   The brands that they are building today will be used for years to come no matter where an individual’s career or life takes them. 

How can you build your own personal brand?  Start by building a comprehensive database of contacts.   This database can become your most valuable asset.  It will allow you to communicate directly with clients, prospects and referral sources.    If used properly, this database will be the source of future business, relationships and success.

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Entering the World of Blogging

 Through my PR firm Corbett Public Relations I have been working with clients in the Long Island and New York market who have been writing blogs for over five years.  However, I have been reluctant to get into the day to day management of my own blog.      After seeing the success of many clients, friends and others in the blogosphere I have decided to jump in. 

As a PR professional ( with over 20 years experience I believe I have a great deal to offer to people interested in growing their businesses and learning how to navigate working with the media.  I am in constant contact with clients, businesses owners, entrepenuers, members of the media, government leaders, celebrities and other people who have interesting ideas and stories to tell.   

 This blog will feature my observations of the changing world of media, PR and media relations, successful entrepreneurs,  marketing tactics, business development approaches that can assist any business grow.  

We are in a difficult economic period and entrepreneurs are under attack from many directions.   Increasing taxes, competition, and rising costs are all challenges we need to over come.  However, with some creativity and hard work small and medium size businesses can grow and help the American economy grow.   It will be the small and medium size businesses across the nation that will lead us out of this economic down turn, not the government, large business or large real estate developments. 

I look forward to engaging in the conversation with you and look forward to your comments, suggestions and opinions.


Bill Corbett

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